Thursday, November 21, 2013

In our defence

You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well. 

Annual function is just two days away. Madhur and Anshul are participating in the 10 kilometers run event, main highlight of the day.

They have been best friends for last five years. Their friendship has held together through the taxing world of mathematics, maddening wars of history and nerve rackings of marathons. They study together, compete together, won together, and lost together. Nothing has come between them.

Weather was nice. A cool breeze was blowing through the entire city. Madhur always dragged Anshul out of his bed every morning at 5:00 am to practice in Shivaji Stadium, located few kilometers from their house. Mornings were best. Madhur loved the sight and touch of first rays of sun on his body, while Anshul would simply feast on fresh air of the August mornings, especially when it rained last night.

They started warming up, doing some stretching and bending exercises to pump up the blood. To prepare for the task ahead.

As they get down for push-ups, Anshul sneezed. “It’s the weather,” he said smiling. Madhur finished his push-ups sets: three sets of 30 each. Anshul did a set less. Same thing happened with their crunches set.

Madhur is used to Anshul doing less than prescribed exercises or pushing less than his capabilities. Anshul always had some excuse, weather, late night movies, internet, too much homework or plain laziness. Madhur always felt suspicious for Anshul was always, otherwise, a very active and full of enthusiasm person. It was Anshul’s idea to go jogging in Shivaji stadium.

“He’s just a plain lazy ass”, Madhur thought to himself. Madhur finished his run around the tracks of the stadium. Anshul just limped around.

“I’ll catch you at school, don’t be late”, shouted Madhur, as they parted ways.

Anshul didn’t turn up. Madhur was worried. At first, he thought Anshul must be running late, and will sure turn up during first period. But he didn’t.

There’s no way he could reach Anshul. He has to wait until the end of the school.

He bicycled his way towards Anshul’s home. He wanted to tell him about all the annual day preparations happening in the school. Organizing committee has announced Macbook Air as the prize for 10 kilometers run.

Anshul was lying on his bed, covered in a thick blanket. It seems he has caught cold in the stadium today morning, which has now worsened into fever. His mother was standing beside him while his father was discussing something with the visiting doctor. Madhur recognized the doctor, Dr. Verma. He has seen him several times in last five years at Anshul’s home.

Dr. Verma was telling Anshul’s parents that their son has very low immunity. That’s why he fell sick so frequently and never seems properly rested. Dr. Verma scribbled name of few antibiotics and medicines on a piece of paper. He also suggested some time tested home remedies and Dabur Chyawanprash.

“I also regularly consume it, in fact my entire family consumes it together”, Madhur suddenly interrupted. Everyone turned around and looked at him. Dr. Verma said looking towards Anshul’s parents, that it is very necessary for budding athletes like him.

Dabur Chyawanprash contains Amla, Giloy and many other natural ingredients that boost body’s immunity. It increases NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) which increases immunity and helps fight germs, bacteria and viruses”, Dr. Verma continued.

“So, I am suggesting you use these medicines for some short-term relief but you have to start eating your chyawanprash if you want to be fit and fine for rest of your life”, he said while looking at Anshul.

Madhur interrupted, “You can leave that to me Dr. Verma. I’ll bug him every day till he makes it a habit of eating chyawanprash.”

Everybody started laughing.

“But, I am afraid that you might have to give tomorrow’s run a skip. You must recover by today evening with the help of medicine I gave you, but your body still needs some rest before it takes up something as excruciating as a 10 kilometers run.”

Anshul was disappointed. He said looking at Madhur, “I’ll let you have Macbook Air for this time, but it surely belongs to me next year.”

“You better start eating your Chyawanprash if you want to achieve that”, Madhur quipped.

The room broke into laughter.


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